Reason for being selected

Physical and chemical appliances have developed rapidly based on the technological advancement in 1955s. High quality glass products for analytical instruments were required in the market. We were established in 1965 as "General physical and chemical glass center" to meet those requirements. Since then, we have been producing and supplying high quality glass/quartz products, and special light sources such as Hollow cathode lamps, Deuterium lamps and physical and chemical appliances etc.

1.Integrated production system:

With the integrated production system that we have all production processes in house, we can produce mass-production products, confidential products and prototypes in small quantity with high quality, low cost and short lead-time. We have meetings between each production process quickly to solve the problem. And, with 5S (Seiri: Sorting/ Seiton: Setting/ Seisou: Shining/ Seiketsu: Standardize/ Shitsuke: Sustain), we are trying to eliminate waste and communicate internally to reduce the cost and shorten the lead-time. With the integrated production system, we think we can build up the trust relationship with customers.

Integrated production system

2.Specialists of development and production:

We have been supporting customers with high technical capabilities and imagination for 50 years or more in the market of physical and chemical glass products and special light source. We produce high quality products with improvement and advancement of the production system. And also, we are trying to develop human resources to meet various requirement. We will keep going forward to be a leading company in the markets of physical, chemical, analytical, environmental and medical instruments.

Specialists of development and production

3.High technical capabilities qualified by the state:

We have meisters called "Takumi" who received prizes of "Yellow Ribbon Medal" and "Contemporary Master Craftsman" from the government. Young technical experts who are succeeding the fine technique support the customer to solve the problem. For more than 50 years, we have accumulated "know-how" through various experiences. That is Mitorika's treasure. We support the customer with flexible idea to meet their request.

High technical capabilities qualified by the state

4.Business with domestic and overseas customers:

We have more than 800 customers and more than 5,000 businesses a year. We provide high quality and reliable supply to domestic and overseas customers. We have sales team in charge of overseas business. We have excellent technique particularly in manufacturing glass products for physical and chemical instruments by succeeding the skillful technique from "Meisters (Takumi) of Japan". "Mitorika Quality" is qualified not only in Japan, but overseas countries.

Business with domestic and overseas customers