Electronic stethoscope

Electronic stethoscope with headphone

Modern medicine has been rapidly evolving. "Visiting medical care" attracts attention as one of the medical practices. Our electronic stethoscope supports "Tele-medicine" by physicians by sending nurses to patients' home in remote area or aging area.

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Electronic stethoscope

Electronic stethoscope (medical device approval No. 229AFBZX00007000)


Electronic stethoscope contributes the tele-medicine

In the home medical care or visiting medical care by nurses or caregivers, they perform vital checks. If they observe any abnormalities, they can send digital data through PC, tablet, smart phone to the physicians in remote area and ask for diagnosis.

Remotely check patient

Auscultation sound can be recorded, replayed and transmitted.

The Auscultation sound transmitted to the terminal by the built-in wireless system (2.4GHz) can be recorded and replayed with audible devices such as earphone or headphone. Those digital data can be used for Physician's diagnosis.

High-sensitivity sensor is built-in.

Ultra sensitive sensor using piezoelectric film and electrical amplification enables high quality audible sound.

Fine biological sounds can be caught.

By using piezoelectric film in which acoustic impedance is close to water (living organism), excellent sounds of fine vibration in the body can be caught. Anybody can check heart sound, lung sound, arterial sound and intestinal sound by changing frequency mode.

Selection of frequency mode

3 different frequency modes are available.

Adjustment of volume

The loudness can be adjusted by pushing volume button.

Easy to use

This is designed to be used easily by healthcare professionals to the patients such as new born babies, children and adults. And also, it is compact, lightweight and robust. Portable strap can be attached.


Power supply Built-in Li-io battery Supported profile SPP
Audio output Stereo mini jack External dimensions 115x52x37mm
Wireless communication system 2.4GHz ISM band Weight 100g

(Medical device approval No. 229AFBZX00007000)