Custom-made products

Custom-made products

We meet with your request with one-stop service from designing to production. If you have a problem in finding a reliable supplier, please contact us. We support customers to meet the request.

Flow from inquiry to delivery

Inquiry from customers:
Please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.
Internal meeting:
After receiving the inquiry from customers, our R&D team has a meeting about how to meet the customer's request.
Based on the specifications fixed, our technical experts of each production process build up high quality products targeting "Mitorika Quality".
Delivery control:
We provide high quality and short lead-time to customers with our own production system.
Quality control:
We supply high quality products which passed our severe quality criteria.

Production processes

Fire processing:

We manufacture quartz and borosilicate glass with various burners and lathes.

Grinding, polishing, welding processing:

We optically polish with fine abrasive sand after grinding.

Machine processing:

We cut glass plate with glass cutter etc.

Activated decomposition of deuterium lamp:

We remove impurities from the filament before filling deuterium gas into the lamp.

Discharging gas from deuterium lamp:

We discharge extra gas and impurities from the lamp during lighting the lamp.

Chipping off deuterium lamp:

We chip off the lamp from the pumping machine after filling deuterium gas into the lamp.

Assembling the electrode of hollow cathode lamp:

We connect the lamp bulb to the electrode with fire processing.

Setting hollow cathode lamp:

We set the lamp onto the pumping machine to degas from the electrode.

Pumping hollow cathode lamp:

We degas the electrode and remove impurities.


■ Fire processing
Lathes (large, medium, small)
Electric furnace (large, medium, small)
Fixed burner (for quartz, for borosilicate)

■ Grinding
Cylindrical grinder
Carbon cutter

■ Polishing
Grinder (for rough polish, for fine polish)
Chamfering machine (for large size)
Oscar grinder (for optical polish)
High speed grinder
Disc correction machine
Double sided grinder (9B lap), 9B polish, 15B lap, 15B polish)

■ Machining
Surface grinder
Long lathe
Machining center
Glass cutter

■ Evaporation
NESA machine
Chipping machine
Printing machine

■ Welding (optical contact)
Measuring microscope
Clean room
Electric furnace

■ Inspection
Atomic absorption spectrophotometer
Liquid chromatography
Digital microscope (KEYENCE VHX-950F)
Image measuring instrument (KEYENCE IM-7000)
Strain detector
CO2 laser marker (KEYENCE ML-G9310)

■ Others
Press machine
Melting machine
Hydrocarbon deaeration washer
Pure water deaeration washer