Power Supply for Deuterium Lamps

Power Supply for Deuterium Lamps

This power supply is designed for 30W deuterium lamps (D2 lamps).
Model No. MD330 can be used for H2 (Hydrogen) and He (Helium) lamps, too. Just for Hydrogen lamp, output current can be modified to 450mA.

  • High stability with high performance current control
  • Compact size by using switching type power supply
  • Workable with DC24V
  • Insulated input for lighting start and output for lighting monitor are available, and those can be easily connected with logic IC.

Mode No.
  MD310 - for 2.5V
  MD330 - for 10V

Power Supply for Deuterium Lamps

External dimensions and connector pin assignment

Electrode structure
Connector No. Function
CN1 Power 1 DC24V 1)
CN2 External input/output 1 Lamp on/off control 2)
2 GND for above
3 Lighting status in operation 3)
4 GND for above
CN3 Lamp output 1 Anode
2 Shield (electrode support)
3 Filament
4 Filament/Cathode

1) Use power of 70W or more due to rush current
2) About 10mA current runs at 5V operating voltage
3) 390Ω of open collector output


Based on 30 minutes after lighting lamp at the temperature of 25°C±1°C

Parameters Requirement
Input Input DC voltage 24±2.4V
Input power during lighting Max 50W
Output Output voltage before lighting Typ 200V
Output voltage during lighting Typ 80V
Output current 300±15mA
Fluctuation of current Typ 0.005%
Drift of current Typ ±0.02%/h
Pre-heating 25±5sec
Trigger voltage Min 600V
Filament For 2.5V MD310 Pre-heating Voltage 2.5±0.2V
Current Typ 4A
In operation Voltage 1±0.1V
Current Typ 1.8A
For 10V MD330 Pre-heating Voltage 10±0.5V
Current Typ 1.2A
In operation Voltage 7±0.4V
Current Typ 1A
Cooling method Air cooling 0.3 cubic meter/min
Operating ambient temperature 0 to 40°C
Storage temperature -10 to 60°C
Operating & Storage humidity Max 80%Rh
Weight 250g